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Standard Annuity Calculator
Annuities are purchased to provide a guaranteed income stream for the remainder of the life of the beneficiary (or annuitant), whether the annuitant lives for a short or long period of time.
Another variant of this Annuity Calculator lets you specify a range of ages when you might start retirement (more specifically, when annuity payouts might begin). However, it is recommended that you first get comfortable with this somewhat simpler version of the calculator before proceeding to the other.
Computations can be made for either an individual or for a couple.

Annuity Options
Coverage for:
Compute based on:
Primary Annuitant
Age when Annuity Purchased: Years Months
Age when Annuity Payouts to Begin: Years Months
Joint Annuitant
Gender: (not required with single life)
Age when Annuity Purchased: (not required w/ single life) Years Months
Rates of Return
Initial Rate of Return: %  for   Years
Subsequent Rate of Return: %  thereafter
Annuity Details
Benefit based on a desired monthly income of:
Benefit based on a lump sum of:
Cost of living increases for Annuity:
Guaranteed Minimum Duration for Annuity Payments: Years
Percentage Payable to Remaining Annuitant after Death of One Annuitant: (not required with single life) %
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