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RRIF Calculator
This RRIF Calculator will give you an idea of how long funds in a Registered Retirement Income Fund (or RRIF) will last. In a nutshell, a RRIF is a withdrawal plan in which proceeds from an RRSP are used to provide annual income. Investment earnings continue to accumulate on a tax-sheltered basis. Each year, there must be a minimum withdrawal, which depends on the age of the RRIF holder and the market value of the account.

Current RRSP/RRIF balance: $
Base minimum RRIF withdrawals on younger spouse age:   
First Year of Fund:
Annual Withdrawals:
     Annual Payment Increase:
     Cost of living
     None, Fixed Payments
Annual Rate of Return:
Expected annual investment return: %
Expected annual inflation: %
Help and Assumptions behind this Calculator
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